2021 Chevrolet Malibu - Engine died

engine died starter wont do anything checked starter its ok starter wont do anything like everything dead could it be a computer or ignition switch 3.9 engine 2006 malibu ss

Have you tried jump starting it? Have the battery and alternator tested.

Try starting it in neutral.

Dash warning lights come on? Do they dim or go out when turning the key? Headlights come on brightly?

Right now there’s not enough info to make much of a guess. Starter won’t do anything could be battery, battery cable corrosion, corroded junction terminal, or faulty neutral switch which is what NYBo is alluding to.

Non mechanic but it is not the computer or ignition. First test is if the headlights come on. If not either a battery or battery cable problem or associated. Loss of battery or connections could shut the car down. If it was an ignition or computer problem, it would crank but not run.

2021? Warranty.
2006? Got oil? Motor might really be shot.