2020 Toyota Tacoma - Rear brake lock up

My rear brakes keep locking up, the dealer has fixed it 3 times and the problem has yet to be rectified

I am not familiar with your truck but do you have a electronic emergency brake?

Your ABS should prevent lockup. This is a serious safety issue.
Keep your paperwork, check your state lemon laws. Obviously your dealership is not fixing your brakes. You could take it to a different dealership, any Toyota dealership will perform the repair under the warranty.
Elevate your complaint to corporate according to instructions in your owners manual.


+1 to Purbred’s comment.
As long as those rear tires still have at least 5/32 " tread remaining, the rear brakes should not be locking up.

A lot of trucks have a load sensing brake proportioning valve that detects weight in the bed and adjusts how hard the rear brakes squeeze. If that load sensor gets stuck in the loaded position, it’ll squeeze the rear brakes too hard, which can cause a rear wheel lockup.

That said, I agree with the lemon law complaints. This is a serious issue and they’ve had their chances to fix it.

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That was my first thought but if I thought of it I’d think the mechanics at the dealership surely would have?

Since it is under warranty presumably, OP doesn’t have much choice but to keep taking it back to the dealership. It’s possible there’s defective flexible brake hose involved with this. When that happens the hose can act like a one way valve, which can cause the brake to lock. If that’s the problem it is a fairly simple repair, once it is properly diagnosed.

I thought those were made obsolete by four wheel ABS.

I too was wondering about that. ABS should prevent lockup no matter of cargo weight or lack of weight.

You’d think, but there are at least some trucks with both. My '05 Tundra has ABS and a load sensing proportioning valve.