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2020 Toyota Supra has black deposits in the exhaust pipes

Since i purchased and first drove my new 2020 supra, I have noticed black deposits coating the inside of my exhaust pipes and was wondering if there is an issue in my new car or if this is just normal.

I think it is normal.

Dry soot or oily?
Some soot is normal if it’s a direct injection engine.
A little oil consumption is common in an engine that’s not broken in.
Check the oil every time you fill the gas tank for the first 10 tanks or so to establish its consumption rate.
Up to a quart every 1000 miles is considered normal (although inconvenient) especially during break-in.

Why are you asking us and not the dealer? This car is under warranty for a long time yet.

But yes, this is normal

Call a BMW dealer and ask them.


Completely normal, no car runs 100% emission free. Unless the deposits are oily or covered in soot, I would not worry about it. It’s under warranty, stop at your dealer and confirm it.