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2016 Chevrolet Equinox - Oil spotting under exhaust

We are noticing an small amount of (about the size of a credit card) oily, sooty residue on the driveway by the exhaust after 10 minutes of idling. It is cold here and we are using the remote start. The vehicle has 24k miles and is still under warranty. It has the 2.4 I4 SIDI engine. Should we get it checked?

You have a warranty so why are you even asking ? It will cost you nothing to have it checked .

I agree with @VOLVO_V70, use your warranty and have it checked. A thought, though, have you been running your defroster in the morning? If so your A/C will be running and you might just be seeing the condensation draining

That is dirty water, condensation from the exhaust. That is normal, no warranty needed.