2020 Toyota Avalon Hybrid - Bumpy ride

I just test drove the 2020 Avalon Limited Hybrid. Almost at the top of my list, but the ride seems a little bumpy / close to the road (as compared to the cushy rides of my wife’s 2005 Avalon or my 2007 Lexus ES). Is this accurate?

Tire sidewalls continue to shrink and diameters increase, ruining many cars rides. Sadly, it is the top trims that suffer the most. And a Limited is typically a top trim. Or perhaps the one you test drove had too much air in the tires. It could be that simple.

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Why ask people on the web this question. You drove it and if it seems bumpy then there is your answer.


Test drive the Lexus ES 300h, same hybrid powertrain as the Avalon.

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Hybrid cars are most often equipped with low rolling resistance tires. These tires do not ride as well as regular tires used on non hybrid cars. Ride quality is a trade-off if you want good mpgs

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Which model did you drive? The XLE has 17” rims, while the XSE and Limited have 18” rims. If you didn’t drive the XLE, try that. It will have taller side walls and therefore a softer ride.

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I drove the 2020 Limited Hybrid. Who knew that tires could effect the comfort of the ride. I’ll certainly try the XLE Hybrid to compare!

Thanks for the feedback. I currently have an older Lexus ES. I tried the newer Lexus cars, but the trackball which controls the media was, unfortunately, a deal breaker. Thanks!