2020 RAM 2500 - Towing advice

We are buying a new truck to pull our horse trailer. All of the newer trucks have a higher bed than our old truck, and the gooseneck will sit too high–tilting the trailer and making the underside of the gooseneck periously close to our tailgate. We are looking at a RAM 2500 with Automatic Level Rear Air Suspension. Will that allow us to lower the truck height and drive with a lower height. Alternatively, we would need to replace the axels on our trailer.

No, The “Automatic Level Rear Air Suspension” is to keep the truck at the correct height.

You will have to modify your trailer, or get a different style tailgate.
The different tailgate won’t do much good when making sharp turns though.

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Do you have a tandem axle on this trailer I would think with the higher bed that it would not be good for the trailer suspension with the rear axle carrying the most weight not to mention be uncomfortable for the horse’s.

Yes, the alternate towing height mode lowers the rear of the truck 1 inch, that may not be enough for your trailer.

Not exactly. My father had four wheel drive trucks with a high deck height, when he purchased a fifth wheel trailer he asked the RV dealer to raise the ride height of the trailer to match the truck. They moved each axle position from above the leaf spring to below the spring, the effect was a 5 to 6 inch higher trailer height. This is not an expensive procedure.