2020 Nissan Maxima - Radio comes on randomly

My 2020 Nissan Maxima’s radio comes on randomly. I don’t even have to be in the car.

Does the radio turn on by itself for any other reasons? I mean besides pressing the radio’s on/off button. For example does it turn on by itself when you open the door to get in the car? Or you turn the key to “on” before starting the engine?

Today for example, I got out of the car, car was off, went in my house. Came back out and the car radio randomly turned on. I did not even have the car FOB on me. One time I was loading stuff in the trunk and the car radio came on. It’ like the car is possessed. lol

Sounds like you might need an excorcist. :grinning:


Sorry for confusion. I’m referring to what normally turned the radio on before this problem started. Did radio ever turn on by itself then? B/c it was designed to?

I park with the radio on, turn car off. It comes on randomly by itself.

You can try doing a factory reboot for the radio. your owner’s manual should tell you how.
there have been some software updates for the radio and info center. check with your dealer to see if they have one for your problem.

OK, so you park the car, turn the engine off, without turning the radio off first. Nothing wrong w/that, but it may provide an important clue to what is happening. Does the radio (in normal-operation) turn on when you open the door the next time you decide to drive the car? If so, you could have a faulty door switch, pretty common problem that causes weird symptoms. Have you ever found your battery had discharged overnight for no apparent reason? As an experiment, try turning the radio off before parking & turning the car off. Does radio ever turn on by itself then?

If it starts playing 1950’s tunes on its own it might actually be a Plymouth Belvidere :wink:


Yup! And, in that case, don’t stand in front of it.