2020 Hyundai Genesis - Pulls right

pulling to the right

This is often the result of a tire problem. One of the tires on the right side could be low. Tire tread wear patterns can cause pulling as well. As an experiment you could try swapping the tires left/right, see if that has any effect on the pulling.

While driving or braking???

Driving. Very soft but definite pull to the right, pretty much at any speed.

OK . what do you plan to do about it ?

I found a local wheel alignment garage with a great reputation. I’ll have them take a look and give me their opinion.

If it can be corrected I’ll do it.

But my remaining concern is whether there is a competent Genesis dealer in South Florida.

Does it pull when you let go of the steering wheel or while holding the steering wheel straight?

I thought you said you found a local alignment garage with a great rep?? Why are you looking for a dealer then?? As long as the shop has updated software and know how to turn a wrench these alignment machines will basically tell you every step to take… Pictures and all… lol
And your vehicle doesn’t have frame damage and loose, bent or worn out parts nothing to be worried about…

But remember more than just the alignment can cause a vehicle to pull… Radial (tire) pull, improper inflation, different tread patterns, different size tires… As well as road crown…

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Then use the web to search for a dealer near you as South Florida is a large area . After finding a dealer use online reviews ( Not that hard to do ) .

Re: Pulling - it pulls to the right even on I95 at 65MPH on a slightly left-banked roadway. It does it with hands off - pretty quickly departing the lane, and with hands on I have to hold continuous left pressure.

Re: Dealer - The Genesis is still in Warranty (2020 with 26K) so expect to want to use dealer services at some point. But you’re preaching to the choir re independents since my previous car was a 2004 Lincoln Town Car that I ran from 60K to 160K miles over a decade. Note that the Town Car NEVER pulled either way except when I had a bad front wheel bearing. The Genesis and Town Car are very close in weight and handling, although the Genesis 8-speed transmission gives it the edge in economy and pickup. I think the Genesis is a good replacement for the TC, but I won’t be sure until I eliminate the little glitches.

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You would think it would be easy - but here in the Palm Beach area Napleton controls all the Hyundai/Genesis dealerships, and all of them have terrible ratings.

Luckily, we are snowbirds, and I can check out dealers in the Boston area when I get up there for the summer … maybe I’ll have better luck in New England.



Just curious , is this a new problem and how long have you put up with it ?

Plus you may be the only person to compare a 2004 Lincoln Town Car to a 2020 anything.

I bought the 2020 Genesis G80 on March 15th, had to wait a week for them to fix a known problem with door locks, then drove for a couple days before having to leave on a business trip for 17 days … so, the problem came with the car when I got it. When I left town, I left the car with the dealer who promised to check wheel bearings, alignment, tire pressure, etc. When I got back I asked what they found, and I was told that the service department didn’t say anything, so they must not have found a problem. (Note my previous remarks about a competent dealer).

The problem remained unchanged when I drove it after getting back on Tuesday.

Re: Town Car replacement - there has to be something. My kids are hassling me about getting all the safety stuff (which Genesis has in spades) that was not available on any Town Car, so I want a 2020 something that drives like a Town Car and is as close to its level of comfort as a car without air bags can get. I really do think the Genesis G80 may be it.


I hope the independent alignment shop locates and corrects the problem.
As far as the warranty, from what I have gleaned from your post, you bought the car used, not new. I do not know how much of the original warranty is transferred to you.
As far as dealerships, I understand, I would have liked to get a Miata (new), the the dealership is terrible. Next Mazda dealership is 40 miles away through heavy traffic.
Fortunately my local Ford dealership is great.

Fits a stereotype I saw years ago… South east coast Floridian snowbirds drive Lincolns. South west coast Floridian snowbirds drive Cadillacs…

No judgement about either brand, just my observation!

OK … could be … but how many Cadillacs are used by professional car services? For that matter, how many 2004 Cadillacs are STILL being used by professional car services?

Who cares? Snowbirds don’t buy cars for car service. They buy them to drive.

What does professional carservice have to do with the fact that you bought a used vehicle that seems to have had problems when you bought it .

frankly for the price you might have paid for the Genesis would have put you in a new vehicle of a more main strean brand with full warranty.

This seems like something you’d consider before buying a Genesis.

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Check tire pressure. Swap L-R tires. Any change?

The Genesis has tire pressure readout and they were all within one pound. The tread looks good - no indication of uneven wear.

So I have an appt with wheel alignment shop Monday. I’ll see what they say.

Thanks for all the input.