2020 Corvette

I think I am too old to like the looks of any rear or mid engine car. To me beauty begins with a long hood and a set back cabin. I even liked the looks of the front engine rear drive Indy cars better than any since. Also, I know what I am doing when exploring the limits of performance with a front engine and rear drive and know what to do if I am losing it. I have been driving front drive vans and cars for a lot of years but I don’t explore their limits.

If a Porsche Boxster could be had for the same price as the 2020 Vette, which would you rather have?

Over on Rennlist they’re asking the same question, actually Cayman GT4 vs Corvette. A basic Boxster starts at the same money as a Base C8 but for both you’d want to upgrade the interior and other options.

You can pick up a Boxster today if you want, or get in line for the Corvette and wait. Unless you want to pay $15,000 to be first in line (according to some dealers)

No question for me. 500 hp 0-60 3s and the looks = CORVETTE

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Just because the MSRP is $60,000 doesn’t mean that’s what they’re going to sell for.

I remember when the Plymouth Prowlers came out, MSRP was about $40,000, the local dealer couldn’t keep them in stock even with his additional $30,000 markup, people wanted them that bad.

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watched a project where they are putting a LS motor in a Lamborghini. The trans takes up rear center spot so there is no room for center tunnel exhaust. Like the new vette

Like every other mid engine vee engined car, the exhaust goes over the trans.

The 2020 Vette is indeed a great looking car. I hope this portends an improvement to the appearance of all the new cars starting in 2020, trending to a more classic look. I have a theory that the manufacturer’s reserve their best styling to multiples of 30 years. 1930, 1960, 1990, all those years had very good , classic styling, and finally we’re in another good styling era again, 2020. Hope springs eternal … lol …

i see muffler tips. but no connection to motor. the pass side kinda has something on inside of frame rail. but its hard to follow on the driver side.

Over the valve-cover headers pointed downward. My guess is it loops over the half-shafts and dips under the transmission to cats and mufflers.

Not as cool as this from a small-block Ford GT40… but pretty cool anyway!