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2019 Volvo XC60 - Need remote help

2019 xc40 after 5 months / 6000 miles is completely dead. I used the key to unlock driver’s door, but unable to:

  • unlock passenger doors & trunk,
  • use On-Call button
  • start car
    On-call service guy couldn’t jump start the battery.
    And I live 150+ miles from closest Volvo dealer.

Have you spoken to the Volvo service department yet? Perhaps they will send a tow for the vehicle. What other option is there if you are 150 miles away?

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Dead battery. something stayed turned on and ran it down.

Have it towed the 150 miles to the dealer for warranty service. The 150 miles from the nearest Volvo dealer is your problem, not Volvo’s.

I agree that this is what the OP needs to do.