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Car won't start

My 1995 volvo has intermittently not started especially after it ran for a short period.

Just yesterday, I drove it around the block turned it off. Now it won’t start at all. No clicking, lights go on as does the radio.

I’d like to get it started just to drive it to my mechanic 2 miles away.

Any advice?


How old is the battery? Lights and radio don’t mean much, because they will work even when a battery is too weak to start the engine.

Starting a car, driving it a short distance, such as around the block, and then shutting it off is very hard on an engine. You’d be better off to let the car sit until you need to drive it somewhere other than around the block.

Do you have a battery charger, or can you borrow one? Perhaps a jump start would work, but don’t do it until you are ready to drive the car to your mechanic, because as soon as you shut it off it won’t start again.

When you get the car to your mechanic, have him or her test the battery and the charging system.

I agree with mcparadise. Based on the information that has been provided, I think that the battery is the prime suspect. How old is the battery in your Volvo?