2019 Volkswagen Tiguan bogging throttle hesitation

I too have a 2019 VW Tiguan and the same complaint as the owner above severe booging throttle hesitation and stalling along with severe bogging. Dealer service to NO resolution hot humid condition very poor running cooler dry air not so bad. Loner 220 Tiguan that was provided to me ran the same hot humid conditions service tech took a ride and admitted a definate problem and advised me to contact Customer complaint dept. VW says after review says normal operating condition NOT!!

Ray, you might get more luck with another dealer, you do not need to service it where you bought it.
Be polite, but insist on the problem reproduction and stick to the point.
You made a good case by showing that ANOTHER car of the similar model has no such defect, make sure it is well documented.
Keep pressing for resolution, involving VW corporate as/if needed.
Depending on the state where you live, you might have an option of your state’ Consumer Protection department of some sort, but do not rely on entities like BBB, who will be no help to you really.

Thanks for the reply…This vehicle is a 2019 your year choice only would go to 2015. Yes the loaner had exactly the same issues as mine. Will try another dealer but when they pull the vin # they will see the issues and where it was serviced at. Today was meseriable driving today even stalled twice. Will persue at another dealer.

Thanks again… Ray.