2011 VW Tiguan is stalling after a warm start

I have owned my 2011 Tiguan since new. This winter it has developed a stalling problem after a warm start. It has never did this from a cold start. Just after I have been driving, stop for 20min to an hour, come back and start it. What happen is the car starts fine, I put it in drive and start to drive away, when I get about 50 feet, the engine cuts out. The only light on the dash are the battery light. I put it in neutral and it starts right back up. It doesn’t do it every time, about every tenth time; just infrequently enough so it catches me off guard every time. Any help would be appreciated!

Just an educated guess, but it sounds like an electrical problem of some sort. Fuel pump or fuel pump relay, crank or cam sensor, something like that. If it were my car what I’d probably do is bring a dvm w/me and check the voltage to the fuel pump when it happens. I might temporarily wire up the dvm to the fuel pump wiring harness and monitor the fuel pump voltage while I drive too. First thing to do of course is check for stored and pending diagnostic trouble codes using the appropriate scan tool.