2019 Toyota C-HR - I need a trickle charger

Where do I buy a trickle charger for my C-HR

Lets see - parts stores - Walmart - Amazon - Ebay - Harbor Freight - or you could put ( trickle charger ) in your search engine . Are you really that helpless ?


I bought a ‘Battery Tender’ from Amazon, works great.

Amazon has a wide range, the $80 ctek charger looks expensive until you compare to the features of the cheapest offerings. There is one from black&decker that’s basic but would do the job.

I got my tender from Ace Hardware and the charger from the farm store. Also as mentioned above, Walmart. Just about everyone has them. Don’t know about their curb service.

Schumacher makes a 10 amp charger/tender for 30 some odd bucks I think. At Wal Mart of wherever.
Push a button, automatically charges, and then cycles on and off as a battery tender as needed.

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Chargers and trickle chargers don’t have to be “vehicle specific,” if that’s the nature of your query… You don’t need a special one for a Toyota or other car brands or models.

There have been some good suggestions given, above. I have half a dozen $5.00 ($10.00 each, less sale coupons) Harbor Freight trickle chargers hooked up to cars, snow blowers, mowers, etcetera. Even those work okay.
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You can also just plug a regular 10 amp battery charger into a light timer set to about 30 minutes a day. That’s how I used to maintain NiCad battery packs at full charge without charging them to death on the NiCad battery charger.