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2019 Tesla Model 3 - Does driving style effect efficiency

Everybody knows that “jack-rabbit” starts decrease gas mileage. Is this also true for all-electric vehicles?

That is true for all-electric vehicles as well.

Electric cars carry far less energy than even the smallest gas powered car. They use it more efficiently but hard driving will still use more of that energy than gentle driving.

A Tesla P100D - the fast one - carries the equivalent of 3 gallons of gasoline in the batteries. It is about 3 times as efficient as a gasoline engine. With a 315 mile range that is effectively like a gas car with a 9 gallon tank getting 35 MPG. And a 9 gallon tank is pretty small so don’t go jack-rabbiting away from the lights!

Yes, and not just driving style. HVAC usage and other factors also change the efficiency of EVs.