2019 Subaru Forester - Odd Noise After Highway Driving

I recently purchased a 2019 Subaru Forester Sport. It currently has 400 miles on the engine.After driving it a distance on the freeway and arriving home, I noticed that as the engine idled, it made an odd, repetitive, rhythmic, “err-row” sound - like a fan belt or something rubbing up against something else. I turned off the engine, sat for a minute or two, and started it up again and it did it again. The next day, on start up, I could not reproduce the sound so I took it for a spin, again on the freeway. It was a cooler day today too. When I arrived home, again, the same sound occurred, albeit not quite as loud as the night before. Any ideas if this is normal? I am getting ready for a 600 mile freeway trip and do not want the new car to break down.

Brand new car, nice long bumper-to-bumper warranty… Take it to your dealer and ask if this is normal.

Noises are hard to identify in the best of situations. Almost impossible over the internet.

The dealer can stand next to the car and listen, we can’t. The dealer can take a ride with you, we can’t. The dealer is in the best position to answer your question, we aren’t. Sorry.



Thank you. I did just that. It started out with “Let’s look under the hood and I can show you the fans”… to “ Oh, that’s not right. The engine isn’t supposed to sound like that.” And so it awaits evaluation and treatment.


Update: Diagnosis is the AC Compressor and a new part was ordered. Three days out… According to the Service Dept. It is driveable in the interim (600 miles I-5 to So Cal)… I might wait for the part!

Thank you for following up! Hope your trip goes well.