2019 Subaru Crosstrek - Interference

Have you ever heard of this? I own a 2019 Subaru Crosstrek. When I am in the vicinity of a Toyota truck , late model, my radio gets all kinds of interference. I.e. static, poor reception
no matter what station I choose. As for the vicinity, I mean within ten feet.

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If it is ONE truck, and the same truck, then that truck is producing radio interference, probably from the ignition system or some aftermarket add on.

If any or all Toyota trucks and not other makes—that is indeed a mystery.

and that “add on” equipment may be popular “FM modulator” thing, where some of cheap ones may pollute a wide frequency range

I’ve never had that problem on any of my cars. I think there may be a problem with your radio or its antenna. Check the antenna connection to the radio, and check the antenna’s ground connection to the body of the car. Another idea, bring along a battery operated portable radio and see if that does the same thing. The sort of malfunction on the truck that might cause radio interference on your vehicle is the truck’s ignition system and high-tech headlights.

Thank you for your feedback.

I can understand a specific vehicle i. e.

one, but this has happened quite a few times and this vehicle being six months old, the Crosstrek, and having a shark fin antenna ,no loose wires, connections.

I’m just as puzzled as well. The Toyota trucks are of late model, i.e. 2017-2019,etc. And I am curious as to why. Guess it’s just one of those things perhaps,

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Have you asked the dealer about this ? They might even have late model Toyota on the lot to drive next to.