2019 Nissan Frontier - Paint question

I’m looking to purchase a midsize truck. I went to a Nissan dealership and I really like the Frontier but while I was inspecting the paint I noticed a section of the rear back side on both sides that have a bubbling paint look about 6"hx12"w that I have never seen on a new vehicle. The salesperson had never noticed it and could not explain why all the trucks in the lot had it. Has anyone ever reported this?

If it’s behind the rear wheel and at the bottom edge of the bed, it’s to help reduce rock chips in the paint.


It could be rubberized undercoating used as a rock-chip protector. It’s applied on the metal or primer, then you paint over it.

@MikeInNH is correct and Nissan is not the only manufacturer to do this. Many cars and trucks use this on the rocker panels as well as area you noted.

And, that car salesman was–perhaps–even more clueless than most of his peers.

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It is like this product.