2019 Nissan Altima - It wasn't the battery

Car has new battery put in by dealership. Car will not start, no lights but dash board lights up. This will happen at times that is a pain in my tush… There sounds like a hum under hood on right side by battery


If it won’t start, that means it is still at the dealership.
Are you without transportation? In as much as the dealership caused the problem, request a loaner car until issue is resolved.

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… or it is stranded somewhere.
Either way, it will need to be towed to a shop where it can be diagnosed and repaired.

Why should it be taken anywhere but the dealer a two year old car should be still under warranty.


I agree that it should go back to the dealership, but it looks like the OP doesn’t trust them.
It’s his call, even though the correct one would be to return to the dealer.

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Is it still under warranty?

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I presume this is a conventional engine (non-hybrid) vehicle. It sounds like one or more of the electronics modules isn’t working correctly. Has your shop checked all the fuses? Is the car’s buss bus system working? (No pun intended … lol …) Have they checked that the starter motor is receiving the proper voltages when the key is in start? The “s” terminal should be at least 10.5 volts w/the key in start. The “b” terminal should be close to battery voltage. New batteries can be faulty, have they tested it using a load test or conductance test?