2019 Mazda CX-5 - PPF filter and noise

Hi All

I sent out the following question today and its since been suggested the problem is probably caused by the Close Coupled Petrol Particulate Filter now fitted. Its really quite loud. Any idea if this noise will reduce significantly with use and what the usage instructions, if any, exist regarding this PPF and its future user use, please? Certainly what was always a very silent engine is now not acceptable. Comments please?



I have just changed my 2014 2.0 petrol CX5, owned from new and fault free, for a brand new 2019 version which has now done 600 miles. The engine is identical to previous and all reports say the new model is even quieter.

On a cold start there is a ‘loud fuffing’ noise from the area of the exhaust manifold at the rear of the engine towards the firewall. The noise is loud enough to be heard over the radio inside and pretty loud outside. After about 1 mile of sedate rural driving the noise decreases to a level that occurs with a warm start.

I suspected the manifold gasket may be faulty and the noise improves as the exhaust warms and expands the joints. I do not believe this noise is at all characteristic of the car or this petrol engine type and apart from the noise am concerned about potential Carbon Monoxide entering the cabin, unknown to occupants. Are you aware of any similar problems with this engine please? I welcome your thoughts.

Talk to the dealer because you have a warranty and the chance that you might actually get the correct answer from the web is slim.