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2019 Lincoln Navigator- Can't move due to dead battery

Dead battery and the car is in the 1-car garage. Can’t put in in neutral to pull it out. What is the owner supposed to do? Tried jumping, that did not work.

You should have been able to shift into neutral while power was applied to the vehicle however you must maintain the power supply or the transmission will shift into park. Page 214-215 of the owners manual explains how to engage the “stay in neutral” mode.

If the vehicle has been stored for a period of time and the battery is discharged, you may try to recharge the battery.

You can replace the battery.

A road service provider can connect a jump start unit and remove the vehicle from the garage. Most owners have their vehicle towed to the dealer for proper repair.


Please stop making sense. :grinning:


It takes a jump a long time to charge a really dead battery. Either buy a battery charger or battery or call road service. I bought my battery charger 60 years ago, still works fine and very handy to have around.

To be fair, this vehicle has a push button shifter and emergency operations are complex and not intuitive. The wrecker operator may need instruction on how to keep the vehicle in stay in neutral mode.

Are there particular advantages to the design that outweigh the non-intuitive complexity?

Actually most wrecker drivers would just winch it onto a rollback in park.

It’s still under warranty - did you call the dealer? They might send out somebody to take care of this.

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It’s a time-saving feature:

When shopping for a new car, I see a pushbutton shifter, I don’t pay that car any more attention.


It looks cool and might sell more vehicles than the “old fashioned” lever shift (which these days does the same thing as the push button one in that it’s an electrical connection rather than mechanical).