2019 Lincoln Navigator - Bad cam

Bad Cam in the engine. Back in May i had issues with my 2019 Lincoln Navigator. It started losing power with 9000 Miles, took it to the dealer and it sat there for 4 days and they informed me that there was issues with valve cover gaskets. The car ran fine until Nov 10th with 21,000 miles, I took it to the dealer, and they informed me 12 days later that they need to order a cam, but they are not able to find one. I was told last Friday that the car will be ready the same day. It is Sunday night and still nobody has called me to pick up the car.

Highly unusual for a problem of this nature on an engine that has been around for many years, but stuff happens.

Did they at least put you in a loaner?

Has the engine been around that many years? I thought the 2019 Navigator got a new generation of the 3.5 v6 twin turbo?

Perhaps you are right. I was operating under the assumption that the engine was the same as prior turbo sixes.

Eh, it may be, mostly. Not sure what changes came about in 2018, but they did some tweaking. Also, there’s an “HO” version. I don’t know if the Lincoln got the high output version or not. Either way, it shouldn’t eat cams!

Agreed there, Chrysler had a problem with ‘soft’ cams in the 2.2 in the early K cars.

Agreed, but as long as the OP has been given a comparable vehicle as a loaner, then FoMoCo and the dealership have done everything that is expected of them. If the OP no longer has faith in this vehicle, then he should sell/trade it in when the warranty expires.

We had a new model year car, had to wait 2 months for body parts to be available after getting rear ended, sit and wait I guess.

Right. Although I think they owe him a motor rather than a cam replacement. Stick in a long block and let him go on with life.

Yes an MKZ

And a bunch of folks on the internet can help resolve that how??

The Gen 2 Ecoboost 3.5L is nearly all new ( new turbos, new electronic waste gate, new rods redesigned timing chain and cam phasers, new intercooler, both port and direct fuel injection, the camshafts are hollow.

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