2019 Kia Sportage - Cupping tires

my tires are cupping…what should I do?

get a alignment and new tires. they will also let you know if any of your suspension or steering parts are bad.


Is the problem affecting all your tires or just some? Is your Sportage AWD? It sounds like you probably need struts or whatever your Sportage has in their place but I wouldn’t expect that on a 2019. How many miles are on it? It’s also possible your tires are out of balance. In any event, your tires aren’t going to fix themselves. Budget for new tires and whatever other repairs it might need. As new as it is, you might as well take it back to the dealer. Maybe they know something I don’t, which is likely.

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they probably hit a big pot hole.

Are you sure this is cupping or could you be referring to feather edging?
Cupping is generally caused by imbalance or faulty struts/shocks.Feather edging is caused by an alignment issue related to toe in or out.

Those two are often confused with each other. I might ask if the inner or outer edges of the tires are worn as that would be a camber and/or toe issue.

I have a friend with the same car, he has so few miles hard to see if there is a similar problem, how many miles?