2019 Jetta GLI

2019 Jetta GLI looks to have an attractive spec and tempting. Except for one problem. It is powered by a turbo engine. Does anybody know how reliable these will be based on past experience? I never owned a VW.

Go buy the Consumer Reports new car buyers guide, lots of info on brand reliability from thousands of surveys, not a few dozen folks’ experiences.

Your public library might have a subscription to Consumer Reports. Mine has an on line subscription, and I can log in from home using my library card number.

I am on my 3 turbocharged car. I had the first for 75K miles (a 1985 year car), the second (a 2001 year car) for 113K miles and had no more reliability issues than any other car.

Turbocharged cars have been available for over 50 years. I think they’ve got it figured out.

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My older brother has had a 2009 VW GTi since new in late 2008. It’s been very reliable for him but it’s been in the care of a trusted independent VW shop since new and they err more on the preventative side of the service schedule than the dealer might but it’s been worth it. He’s keeping his around to teach the kids how to drive a stick shift.

Dad recently bought a '19 CRV with the 1.5 Turbo and it’s all thumbs up so far. Better mileage and more power than you’d expect from that size engine.

thought all the german auto companies shared development? audi has had turbo motors for a long time. its the timing chains/sprockets that fail. not the turbos. well, the turbo seals like to fail. but thats partially due to owners not changing the oil