2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Steers like a snake

While driving the sense ability light came on. The vehicle started to steer like a snake. The left rear wheel was pointed out to the left. Looking underneath the left rear stability bar was bent in half. I did not hit anything, almost impossible to hit anything due to the fact where it is located. Only has 2,100 miles. Towed to garage where we purchased this. This is my first leased vehicle.

Love to hear Chrysler’s explanation for this.

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Oh that all cars would have a sense ability light, far too many drivers lack both.

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anti sway bars are really tucked in tight behind the wheels. dont see how it could be bent and than visible from your vantage point. a bent trailing arm?

If you bought this car with near zero miles on it then there are going to be hard questions asked about this.
You also say it was towed to a “garage” where you purchased it. What kind of “garage” is this?

I had a coworker who bought a brand new VW.

After driving a day or two, they realized that it didn’t drive/handle the way the one they test drove did.

They brought it to the dealer, and upon inspection they found that the control arms were bent.

Because this vehicle was delivered to the dealer with 14 miles on it, the only thing they could come up with was, the control arms got bent when the vehicle was strapped down to the transporter, and when the transporter drove over large bumps, it bent the control arms.


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I agree that cars get damaged in transport or even while being unloaded. I saw a new SAAB get the external oil cooler ripped off and the transport driver drove it around the building trailing oil.
In another case 4 of us walking across the street to a restaurant for lunch saw a transport driver drive a new Chevy off of the transport at the Chevy dealer next door. He went off the side of the ramp and the car landed on the passenger side and rolled onto the roof. This wiped out the car and no doubt led to an unemployed truck driver.

My point about this one is this. If this “garage” means a new car dealer and the car drove fine for 2100 miles before this happened then it’s going to be very difficult to pass this off as something that happened pre-sale. They would justifiably believe that they hit something and will tell them to let their insurance company handle it.
Just my humble opinion.

Think on the positive side, there’s a pretty good chance the handling problem has already been properly diagnosed :wink: