2019 Honda Ridgeline - Surges

Truck surges under light acceleration. It is worse when econ mode is on. The tack jumps during the surging.

Quite a few possibilities. Have to narrow it down a little. Is check engine light on? Are there any stored diagnostic codes for engine or transmission, current or pending? Any manufacturer recommended engine/transmission maintenance behind schedule? Anything unusual happen to vehicle, repair/maintenance work done, just prior to this problem being noticed?

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There are no check engine lights on. I have an appointment on Sept 12 with the dealer. The truck currently has 53,300 miles on it.
Maintenance is up to date.
Thanks for your response.

Best of luck. Visit to shop makes sense, given not much in the way of clues. The only two times I’ve had an engine surge problem with my fuel injected cars, first was unmetered air was getting into the engine via the idle air control pathway. Second was clogged fuel injectors.

Does this have the v6 with cylinder deactivation?
If so, I figure it’s related to that.

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Hope it is not that.

The engine does have cylinders that deactivate to improve fuel mileage.

Might be the same problem multiple Ridgeline and Pilot owners have reported, The only TSB’s I can find are for 2017 models that suggest a fluid change and software update to correct the problem

TSBs: 17-025 and 17-026 for Ridgeline.