2019 GMC 1500 radio stops working

2019 GMC 1500. Radio just stops working for no reason when driving down the road. it will try to cycle back on every min. and will do this for DAYS sometimes. I only know that it is coming back to life when I see the GMNC logo boot up. I pay for Serius/XM and rolling wifi through OnStar and nither one will work for days sometimes. this has gone on for the last 6 months. and not one can tell me why.

One word WARRANTY.


More words, Warranty, talk to the service manager, elevate problem up the corporate chain as per your owners manual.
Please upload a copy of your service invoice where the service department states this:

Keep all service reports and correspondence so there is proof this began and was reported before your bumper to bumper warranty expired. Unless you have already exceeded the mileage limits. If that is the case, find an automotive audio shop to repair or replace at your expense.