2019 Ford Ranger - Poor MPG

I have a 2019 Ford Ranger Supercrew that is getting bad MPG. The best is 19 and the lowest is around 15 MPG. Could the be helped by a reflash. I have no check engine light and the performance is great.

Is this a sudden loss of fuel economy or the first time you checked it? because there is a class action lawsuit that ford failed to meet fuel-economy expectations set in advertising.

2019 Ford Ranger MPG – Real-World Fuel Economy in C/D Testing (caranddriver.com)

If this is all city driving then that mpg is correct . Have you taken a long highway drive at a resonable speed to see what you get ? And forget the flashing idea unless you want to void your warranty.

Seems about right based on this…

Fuel economy is very much dependent on how the driver performs… far more than the truck. Especially when you post things like…

Maybe lay off the skinny pedal a bit and your mileage will improve?


Hitting the accelerator pedal will drop your MPG considerably. Your Ranger produces more HP than many previous V8s of much larger displacement.

As far as the class action suit, the judge sums it up:

Judge Sean F. Cox agreed with Ford’s argument that the lawsuit and its claims must be dismissed because they’re preempted under federal law, and for the fact that “EPA fuel economy estimates are not, and have never been, guarantees of real-world fuel economy performance.” The judge agreed and noted that mileage will vary. “Ratings are a useful tool for comparing the fuel economies of different vehicles but may not accurately predict the average [miles per gallon] you will get,” Cox said.


Folks on fuelly get 20 mpg on average, ranging from 12 to 28. YMMV…
2019 Ford Ranger MPG - Actual MPG from 235 2019 Ford Ranger owners (fuelly.com)

Pretty good chance what you are experiencing is normal for your driving conditions. I wouldn’t suggest trying to solve this by reflashing the computer; likely to introduce problems you don’t now have. However no harm done to ask your shop to double check a few things:

  • Is the coolant reaching the proper operating temperature after warm-up?

  • Is the power train computer sensing the coolant temperature and ambient air temperature accurately?

  • Are the fuel trims within the expected range?

  • Have any Ford suggested routine engine or transmission maintenance tasks been deferred?

Are the tires and wheels the original ones? Tires vary in their rolling resistance. Some wheels are a lot heavier than others.

Last week a Ford Ranger roared passed me full throttle @ 65 MPH on a 45 MPH street, 20 seconds later we were side by side at the traffic light. Off-road 4WD package, large tires and defiantly not getting the EPA fuel economy rating.