2019 Ford Escape - idling down when stopped

vehicle idels down when I stop. it sounds like it is shutting down and wheels will not turn. should this happen? Also, the passenger door is hard to close. You have to close 2 or 3 times.

Carolyn , if you really have a 2019 use the warranty that was included in the price of your vehicle.


And, NO, none of this should happen.

Your vehicle has an auto start/stop feature, the engine will shut off when the vehicle is at rest and restart when you press the accelerator, also the wheels should stop turning when the vehicle is stopped.

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If you want to verify that it’s by design and not a problem, put it in sport mode (slide the shifter back from D to S). It won’t turn off the engine intentionally in sport mode.

Sounds like stop/stop feature shutting off the motor at stoplights and stop signs which is normal. See if there is a button to shutoff the feature after you start the car .Unfortunetly you will have to turn it off every time you start the car. The biggest PIA ever fostered on the car buying public .

Carolyn12 needs to expand on the information.
Is the engine turning off when stopped? Normal for auto stop/start.
Or are the RPMs dropping below normal idle, below 600 RPM?

Then there is the passenger door problem.

In as much as this vehicle is no more than 9 months old, why has she not asked her dealer.

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