2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD - Roars

2019 6.0 gas engine roars on throttle acceleration. What is the fix for this problem if any. Also lousy fuel mileage. Disappointed with this HD2500. Paid big bucks for this truck as many of you have also.

You should still be under the warranty so have it looked at the dealer . If you do anything or have a shop do anything you could void the warranty.

Edit - How long have you had this truck or is it a used purchase.

C&D got an overall MPG OF 13MPG.
Autotrader says 10MPG city/15 Highway.
What are you getting?

There are people who modify their cars to GET that roar! Didn’t you drive one of these before you bought it? Wouldn’t the roar have been apparent if you had?

It is an HD 2500 truck… about 7000 lbs of metal with a 6 liter engine… what did you expect? 20 mpg?? As @Purebred pointed out…Car and Driver’s test mileage was 13 mpg. Seems about right for what it is.

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You could take it back to the dealer and ask about the engine noise if you haven’t already. Test drive a similar truck at any dealer to see if the noise is the same. Since it’s 3 years old, there might be some on a Non-GM dealers lot. Check dealer inventory on line to make sure they have something in the same trim level as your HD2500. BTW, if you are disappointed with this truck, you would probably be disappointed with a similar truck from a different manufacturer.

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May we ask what you’re using the truck for . . . ?!

Are you using it to haul heavy loads and pull horse trailers, for example?

As said earlier, trucks in this size range are meant to work, and that’s how they drive

A comparable F-250 SuperDuty doesn’t have a better ride, for example.

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Did it roar when you bought it or is this something new?

Excuse me, how is a 2019 three years old? My math must be wrong.

Take it to the dealer. If they say it’s normal, ask to drive a similar truck with the same engine. If that truck exhibits the same characteristics, then it probably is normal. If it doesn’t, then you can demand that they look into and fix the problem.

Define “lousy”. For a gas powered 3/4 ton truck, fuel economy isn’t going to be good. Realistically, you can expect around 10-12 MPG around town, maybe 14-15 MPG on the highway.


Oops. I was thinking about 2022, about when I retire.

Maybe a bad fan clutch was installed at the factory?