2019 Chevrolet Corvette wheels chatter on sharp turns

when making sharp left or right turns forward or reverse, rear wheels chatter or feel lock locking up!

Sounds like a problem with the limited slip differential. Friday, get it to your dealer to have it diagnosed and repaired
under warranty.


Sorry, make that tomorrow, Thursday.

This is the first performance car you’ve ever owned, right? Got a great deal on the closeout C7? Maybe a retirement present for yourself?

The limited slip differential installed in a car like this will do that. There is a clutch between each wheel that allows both rear tires to accelerate the car. It resists the different speeds the rear tires must turn in a tight corner and make the rear chatter a bit. Pretty much a normal occurrence with this type of differential.

Just check that ‘they all do that’ by driving another similar model at your dealer.