2019 Chevrolet Corvette wheel hop

Upon slow turning or backing into or out of driveways there is severe wheel hop on the front end of the car.

What did the Service Department folks at the dealership have to say about your warranty covered complaint?

Did you drive another similar 2019 Vette for comparison? You could rely on your salesperson to arrange that, possibly.
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Seems to be normal on Corvettes. Google Corvette Ackerman Effect for a complete explanation. Here is just one paragraph.

Without getting into too much geometry and mathematics, the Ackermann Effect is a skipping or lurching of the wheels when the vehicle is turning sharply. The effect is created by the inside and outside wheels traveling at different speeds and distances.

Essentially the outside wheels are traveling further, creating a skipping or jumping effect.

This is probably the best explanation. Many of the explanations the Google points to are not correct for the Corvettes situation, Some are just plain wrong, especially the YouTube explanation.