2019 Chevrolet Colorado - How often to change oil?

Oil is 5 months old. only 2000 miles. Should i change it

Check your owner’s manual. it will tell you the miles it should be changed or every 6 months. so, you can do now or wait a month.

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I stand corrected your owner’s manual says at least once a year.

Owner Checks and Services
At Each Fuel Stop
. Check the engine oil level. See
Engine Oil 0 246.
Once a Month
. Check the tire inflation
pressures, including the spare.
See Tire Pressure 0 285.
. Inspect the tires for wear. See
Tire Inspection 0 291.
. Check the windshield washer
fluid level. See Washer Fluid
0 258.
Engine Oil Change
SOON message displays, have the
engine oil and filter changed within
the next 1 000 km/600 mi. If driven
under the best conditions, the
engine oil life system may not
indicate the need for vehicle service
for up to a year. The engine oil and
filter must be changed at least once
a year and the oil life system must
be reset. Your trained dealer
technician can perform this work.
If the engine oil life system is reset
accidentally, service the vehicle
within 5 000 km/3,000 mi since the
last service. Reset the oil life
system when the oil is changed.
See Engine Oil Life System 0 248.
Power Take Off (PTO) and
Extended Idle Use
When the vehicle is used with the
PTO equipment or used in a way
that requires extended idle time,
one hour of use shall be deemed
the same as 33 miles. See Driver
Information Center (DIC) (Base
Level) 0 129 or Driver Information
Center (DIC) (Uplevel) 0 131 for
Passenger Compartment Air
The passenger compartment air
filter removes dust, pollen, and
other airborne irritants from outside
air that is pulled into the vehicle.
The filter should be replaced as part
of routine scheduled maintenance.
Inspect the passenger compartment
air filter every 36 000 km
(22,500 mi) or two years, whichever
comes first. Replace if necessary.
More frequent replacement may be
needed if the vehicle is driven in
areas with heavy traffic, areas with
poor air quality, or areas with high
dust levels. Replacement may also
be needed if there is a reduction in
air flow, excessive window fogging,
or odors.
Air Conditioning Desiccant
(Replace Every Seven Years)
The air conditioning system requires
maintenance every seven years.
This service requires replacement of
the desiccant to help the longevity
and efficient operation of the air
conditioning system. This service
can be complex. See your dealer.

Can’t speak to your car, but I’ve always diy’er changed the oil on my own cars for 50+ years, never had any oil-related problems. My cars have never used enough oil to need the oil topped off between changes. I decide to change oil and filter mostly based on what the oil looks like. I check the dipstick appearance once a month, or every 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. When it reaches the completely opaque, brown-ish black stage (see below) I’ll do the change.

Does your car have an oil dipstick? If so, what is the oil level compared to the “full” mark? What does the oil look like?

  • Almost completely transparent?
  • Slightly amber, mostly transparent?
  • Brown-ish, not transparent?
  • Brownish-black, definitely not transparent? (This is when I do the change.)
  • Totally Black? Waited too long.

Be sure to use a good quality, name-brand filter. Price-out the dealership filter first; you may find it is $-competitive with auto-parts store brands.

I would rely on the maintenance computer/once a year maintenance schedule, not yesterday’s color chart for motor oil.


Excellent advice. As long as there is no computer or sensor problem.

I change mine at 5000 miles. Never had a problem time wise but would not exceed a year. The Acura folks swear their computer works great but it’s my car and my money.

Your owner’s manual clearly states to change the oil when directed to by the Oil Life Monitor which can be read on your dashboard, or once a year, whichever comes first.

So no, no need to change it now. Just change it when the car tells you to, or at the one year mark, whichever comes first.

Changed my kids spouses oil Jan, 2022. Just did it yesterday again. It’s a new year thing. He used <1 qt in past year. Maybe 1/2 qt.

how do you change the oil on your kids spouse??


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Once a year is ok, in some cases

When I was putting 10k miles a year on, spring and fall was my rule of thumb, even though oil life monitor never went off. Now due to covid and retirement and 2300 miles per year, extended warranty requires once a year, so that is where I am at. Warranty good till 70k and 2027, so want to keep it. Long story if you need details.

GM has a very good oil change monitor system which will warn you on the dash when it is time to change it . Usually it will seem a lot longer than it should be but they have tested it extensively. If you dont like waiting that long then make your own say at 5000 or 6000 miles and then change it . Almost all will say do NOT go longer than a year no matter what mileage .

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