2019 Cadillac XT5 - Engine issues after crash

2019 Cadillac xt4 at dealer for rear end crash and now told engine seized. Crash just rear end. Everybody denies ever starting car. Oil leaked out?

C’mon, how would WE know that? We are out here on the internet and no one here has even seen the car but you. If this it a 2019 car, it ain’t your problem, it is GM’s and the dealer to work out.

A lot more of the story needs to be known. An engine can certainly be damaged in a crash but the odds of this happening due to a rear end collision is zero in my opinion; unless the rear valance was shoved clean up to the back of the front seats.

Yes, but it is also possible for this to be an insurance-related issue.
The only thing for sure is that none of us have the solution via cyberspace.

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2019 could be 1 yr old already. How many miles? Last oil change records?

We’ve heard here of transmission damage due to a crash, but I don’t recall ever hearing about engine damage, at least from a rear ender. Assuming there’s nothing obviously wrong in the engine copartment, it seems like the next thing to do is temporarily separate the transmission from the engine and check if the engine is still seized.

One theory of mine is that maybe the engine seized due to lack of oil for whatever reason and someone plowed into the vehicle from behind when the engine died.
If the OP wants even a reasonable guess they’re going to have to provide a few details.