2019 Cadillac Escalade ESV oil pressure light

I have a 07 Cadillac escalade ESV the oil pressure light keeps coming up I replace the oil pressure sensor and stil coming up engine sound great I checked the oil level and is fine took it to the Cadillac dealer they said needs new engine I know the engine is good

You need to hook up a mechanical oil pressure gauge and report the results back to us

What is the oil pressure at idle?

What is the pressure at, say, 2000rpm?

What prompted the dealer to say you needed an engine?

Did they perform any diagnosis at all?

If they performed an oil pressure test, what were the numbers?

If your Cadillac has Active Fuel Management you should also replace the filter screen under the Engine Oil Pressure Sensor. The screen and the oil manifold that has to do with the lifter control system can get plugged with sludge. This can cause erroneous low oil pressure warnings.

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HOW do you know this? Did you do a oil pressure test? Did you do a compression test?

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