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2019 Buick Regal - CEL

same problem check engine light 3rd visit dealer just put charge on battery tells me to keep eye on it

We can’t see what problem you’re referring to.

What’s the code? (ie PXXXX)

Let’s see. You have a recurring problem and this is the third time it’s happened, right? You took your Regal to the dealer more than once and the shop keeps telling you they can’t find the problem. Sound about right? It would help to know what the problem was but some things are universal. Assuming you bought your Buick new, you have a 4yr./50k bumper-to-bumper warranty. Even if you bought it used, you have the balance of the 6yr./70k powertrain warranty. If you’re not satisfied, try another dealer. If that doesn’t work, your Owners Manual has a number for Buick Corporate.

Did the dealer list the OBDII codes on the receipt? If not, the dealer should have the codes in your file. Also, you should have three receipts for this issue, one for each visit.

I’m always amazed that so many people who are having new car and dealer-related problems apparently fail to open their Owner’s Manual in order to find contact info for the vehicle manufacturer.

Additionally, the OP should begin researching the details of the Lemon Law in his/her state.
While he/she has given us zero details about the actual problem, if this is a safety or drive-ability problem that has not been rectified after 3 dealer repair attempts, he/she is likely to be in the category of “eligible for a Lemon Law settlement”. However, that requires good record-keeping, knowledge of the Lemon Law statute in one’s own state, and the determination to fight with the manufacturer. And, that process begins with… opening and reading the Owner’s Manual.