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2019 Altima I_FCW AEB Problem?

Is everything working? I-FCW, AEB ???

I do not think that Intelligent Forward Collision Warning or Automatic Emergency Braking are operable on my new 2019 Altima SL. Dealer says computer checks it out as correct but I have yet to see a warning … even when approaching cardboard boxes in my driveway!! ! Anybody out there who can share their experiences?

The article specifically references 2018’s but it could well apply to yours as well.

I do not know for certain but I don’t think the system will activate in that situation . That is like a parking maneuver when you have to get close .

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The cardboard probably allows the RF to pass through. RF is best reflected by metal objects.
Try running at a dumpster, but make sure your full coverage insurance is up to date.


There could be a problem, but cardboard boxes in the driveway might not be a valid test. It depends on how close you are to the boxes and what speed you can get to during the test. As mentioned above, you might be too close and going too slowly to activate the FCW system. A more valid test might be to stack your boxes in the street and approach them at 25 mph, then see if the FCW enunciates. It seems to me you should build a wall of boxes roughly the same cross section as a small automobile to be completely certain whether the system works or not. If you are really into it, you might reduce the size of your box wall and see when the system fails to recognize the barrier.

Let’s try this again. The RF from the radar needs something to reflect the RF back to the receiver.
To visibly demonstrate this:
Place a bowl of water in your microwave over, place a piece of cardboard over it. Microwave for two minutes—what happens?
Now replace the hot water with another bowl of room temp water, cover the bowl with aluminum foil, turn on the microwave oven—what just happened?

You know OP’s gonna need you to reimburse him for a microwave… :wink:


Maybe I need to edit it—-Turn microwave off.

Using that thing called Google it seems that most of the auto Braking systems only activate at speeds above 30 MPH.

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Sure it is! I mean, what could possibly go wrong with putting I-FCW, AEB on a car, eh? :smirk:
Please don’t put it on my cars… and take my ABS and TPMS, too!
I need that stuff like I need tap-dance lessons.

"Open the pod bay doors, HAL".
"I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that."

We’re almost there! :clap:

esfeld_147329, I hope you get it going (and keep it going)!
May the force be with you!

I’m heading to the beach in the ole simple Grand Prix!

I do like ABS, but that’s another story. As far as the beach, surf was roaring last night, nice thin layer of salt on the car this AM.

Are you nuts? That thing has fuel injection. And spark plugs. And pneumatic tires, and probably even an air conditioner. All modern hoochimagoo that’ll break down and leave you despondant.

You want reliability, get a horse and wagon. When the horse breaks down you shoot it and get another one, and since horses can replicate themselves, it’s easier than having to actually build a new engine.

Of course, then you have to use a gun, and that’s pretty high tech too. Maybe you spear it and get another one.


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Ah… I am (different discussion), but those things are NECESSARY in order to operate the GP properly. Trust me, even A/C is necessary here. CD player is a necessity as I have an overabundance of 60s & 70s jams. My NEW CAR SMELL clip-ons (out of sight on HVAC floor outlets) are definitely required so that I don’t catch that new car fever.

All that other new-fangled debris is simply superfluous (for now). This is used car buyer’s paradise here… unbelievable!