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2018 Volkswagen GTI oil change indicator

We purchased a new 2018 VW GTI Autobahn about 10 months ago (it had 25 miles on the odometer). We do not put on a lot of miles (6,000-8,000 a year). Well the change oil indicator has come on in the past few weeks. Per a rep at VW Carchat (& the dealership) they are saying that as the car was manufactured in Feb 2018, it’s time to change the oil (after 1 year/10,000 miles). Obviously our GTI does not have the oil quality monitors that other cars have. Is this just a bunch of malarkey, using the manufactured date as the oil calendar countdown starting point?

Tom, you have a brand new vehicle that was not cheap . Why are you reluctant to do something like an oil change . And the dealer is not going to tell you to ignore what oil change monitor . Also why take a chance on future warranty issues being denied just because you did not want to spend 50.00 .


Nope, if you would review your owners manual you’ll find that oil should be changed at either a mileage increment or a time increment, whichever comes first. So you’re at 1 year, so go ahead and change it. Oil changes are cheap, new engines are not!


How do you know this? Other OQMs count up miles, cold starts, etc to come up with when to turn on the light. Are you saying your car has a calendar that started on its ‘birth date’? I very much doubt that. You’re right on time for an oil change, just get it done, and make sure the VW-spec oil is used if you don’t have the dealer do it.

Unless methods have changed, cars are driven off the assembly line.
I would think that would start the OLM, it should have the time factor included in the OLM.
An acquaintance has a Civic, same scenario, oil change after 9 months from purchase, low miles.

I certainly agree with that but not all do. My GM truck doesn’t, My GM Saab did have a calendar. My Audi (a VW product) does have a calendar, my Ford does not.

But as @pyrolord314 points out… the Owners Manual tells all…

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Yes…that’s what the folks at VW are saying (Calendar).

I’m well aware of the service recommendations. The owners manual is the “Bible” so to speak. This is our 4th VW. I just never heard of using the “birthday” of the vehicle. Also, I do not want to mess with the 6 year bumper to bumper warranty (post VW dieselgate gift). Maintenance has been all prepaid, so it’s not the money at all.

Thanks to all for your input. We’ll “get’er done” (as Larry would say).

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Consider what @Purebred said:

Considering that it makes perfect sense for the “birthday” to be used

That makes me wonder why even care .

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Please tell us that this is not your first interaction with the oil in this vehicles engine. Has the oil level been checked regularly during this first year of its life? This is the break in period of the new engine and monitoring oil levels is a real concern, to say the least.

It is surely due to be changed, but I hope its been monitored all the way through till now. Many here would be on their 3rd oil change by this mileage if they had their choice and they would not be incorrect in doing so. I also agree to let the dealer be involved and by all means, change that oil.

3 oil changes of full synthetic oil in 6,000-8,000 miles? Yikes!!

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Regarding the ‘birth date’ - so a car that’s sold 10 months after manufacture is due for an oil change in 2 months? Really? That should be fairly common, I’ve not heard of it happening.

I would think the dealership would reset the maintenance minder at the time the vehicle is delivered to the owner as part of the prep process…

I was reading one of my kid’s car manual (yes I’m wierd that way, but there’s a lot of unknown features to be discovered that way). Anyway that car calculates oil change intervals in miles driven. If that amount of miles is not driven, it will illuminate 12 months from last reset. But as others have said, oil changes are the most productive preventative maintenance one can do. I would never wait a full year to change my oil because I live in Michigan where temperature ranges pretty extremely.

It’s sounding like the dealer failed to do one step of ‘dealer prep’, reset the oil change monitor. I’d get it changed, make sure they reset it, and be done with it.

Vehicles go though the new car prep process when they arrive at the dealers, not at the the of purchase. The plastic covers must be removed from the paint within 90 days and the cars must be presentable. The new car delivery person could reset the maintenance reminder but they don’t get that involved.

I have seen new cars on the lot with the maintenance reminder illuminated with a clock symbol next to it indicating one year has gone by.

There are some people that would change their oil once a year even if the vehicle is rarely driven. New cars on the dealer lots see frequent cold starts with no miles driven.

Gee we spent $30,000 on a new car to save gas and now we have to change oil before 10,000 miles too? I just couldn’t wait to get enough miles on my car to be able to get that factory oil out.

He said he was at 1 year and 10K miles no? If so I would easily be on my 2nd oil change, sure. The first one should happen early, because of the break in period. Now some may say that I’m just clinging to old habits but I’ve built enough engines to reserve the right to that belief. I know the tolerances of today are tighter than days gone by but, still…its a habit I wont be breaking LOL

He said 10 months, and that he drove 6000-8000 miles per year.