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2018 Toyota Tacoma has high-pitched whining noise

A high pitch whining noise. I can’t really tell where it comes from but seems to be the rear. Not tires. Not speed related necessarily. Pronounced when pressing accelerator. If in speed control, it stops when engines rpms goes down or up to maintain speed.

Sort of sounds like it might be the rear differential. Check the fluid level, might be low.

Is it still under warranty? If so, let the dealer look at it. Even if they don’t find anything, you will at least have registered a complaint about the issue. That could come in handy if something is discovered after the warranty expires. Get a receipt no matter what to document the visit.

Depending on exactly what that whining noise sounds like, it is also possible that it is coming from the electric fuel pump. My Volvo usually gave me a warning–via a whining noise–before the fuel pump failed.

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