2018 Toyota RAV4 needs to warm up before leaving the driveway?

When I start the car first thing in the morning, I hold the brake pedal down and shift into reverse. This reduces the rpms from 1500 to 1000. I wait a bit and then back out of the driveway. Does this make sense rather than to let it warm up at the 1500 rpm?

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Start vehicle - put on seat belt - put in reverse and back out of driveway - drive on like a sensible person and you will be fine.

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Because the car is in gear and loading the transmission. Just means it is ready to go. No need to wait or warm it up. Modern oils don’t really need any warm up to just drive.

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It takes about 60 seconds or so to get the oil to circulate to the valve gear. That’s the maximum “warmup” time you need. I fasten my belt after staring the car and 15 seconds or after I drive off without accelerating fast.

In Alaska or Minnesota in the winter you may need a little more warmup time.

When cars had carburetors and chokes, longer warmup was needed to get the car to run smoothly.

I don’t understand why people start the car before putting on the seat belt, it does nothing but waste gas.I don’t think it takes anywher near 69 seconds for the oil to circulate.

And some schools of thought say a light load will raise oil pressure and get it up there faster, so the warmup period is entirely unnecessary.

The engine may not need to warm up, but the electronics need to boot up. If I start the car and then put on my seat belt, the backup camera will function as soon as I put it in reverse. If I put it in reverse immediately upon startup, I have to wait a couple of seconds anyway for the backup camera system to come online.

My set pattern for going somewhere in vehicle. 1. Open garage door to make sure some child has not left their bicycle in our driveway 2. Start vehicle and back out 3. Watch garage door close while putting on seat belt and watch for the lady down the street that can’t put her phone down for 5 seconds.

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Only because I am old with old habits I wait until idle drops from 1,500 rpm to 1,000 (about 30 seconds). I love modern vehicles that you can just start and sensibly drive.

Is warm up the only reason you are doing this? or is there something else going on? Does the 500 rpm drop make a difference for something else?

This seems like an odd thing to purposely think about each time you get in your car, unless something else is going on