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2018 Toyota RAV4 - clearing gas cap code without a trip to the dealer

gas cap problem check engine light comes cleared code. so for ok. how do i fix . with out going to dealer ship and paying 129.00 .to clear code

I don’t follow , you have a warranty for 3 years or 36000 miles so why would you need to pay 129.00 ? And if it really is a bad gas cap just buy one from the dealer parts counter and see if that works.


If this was just a one time incident, you may have just not properly tightened the gas cap.


You can buy a decent code reader, like the one I bought for less than $100 online including tax and shipping. Then you can view live data, check emissions monitor readiness, and clear codes yourself without paying someone to do it for you!


You can also borrow a code reader at many parts places, plug it in, use it to read the codes, then to clear the codes.

But this car is in warranty. I’d have the dealer fix it for free.


Some years ago one of my friend’s Corolla (newish at the time) had this same problem. The dealer said they’d turn off the code for free the first time, but the friend would have to pay $100 if it happened again. They said it was caused b/c the gas cap wasn’t re-tightened properly when the tank was re-fueled. It never happened again, so no way to know for sure.

As far as OP’s question, the answers above are correct. It can only be done with a tool called a “code reader”. Unfortunately Toyota – or any other manufacturer I know of – doesn’t give you one when you buy the car. So you’ll have to secure a code-reader by hook or by crook if you want to make this a diy’er project next time it happens. You might want to do some internet research on the most economic method. Instead of a code reader some people use cell phone apps along w/a special gadget that plugs into the car’s diagnostic port. In any event make sure the code reader you secure is able to perform this function. There’s dozens of different models, and some of them can’t perform this trick.

It’s just as likely to be something other than the fuel filler cap . . .

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Link to an inexpensive code reader

Auto Zone, Advance and others will read codes for free, post the code here, it will look like P1234. We can give more info based on that #

I got the Konnwi KW850 code reader, which has much more features than the $20 HyperTough code reader, albeit at 3 times the price.

This is where I bought it (and the specific seller I bought it from):

If the check engine light is on because the fuel cap was loose, no action is needed. After tightening the cap the check engine light will go out after two good monitior trips, that may take 2 or 3 days.

In my experiences the vehicle owner doesn’t confess to leaving the cap loose then tightening it until after I test the evaporative emission system for leaks, performing the self test and finding nothing wrong. Time is spent checking out the complaint buy the manufacture does not pay for customer error problems.


I had a small evap system leak code on my 03, fixed it self a bit after replacing the gas cap, no dealer intervention necessary. I find it hard to believe the dealer will not fix it for free. Are you leaving your engine running while filling it with gas? That could set off a code.

I have never worked at a dealer that charged a diagnostic fee to customers during the warranty period however working for free doesn’t appeal to everyone, the service writer and the technician want to get paid for their time, do you work for free?

You seem to be misunderstand, perhaps they are on salary, or
compensated for warranty work, the intent was free to the customer
or to quote you [quote=“Nevada_545, post:13, topic:156315”]
I have never worked at a dealer that charged a diagnostic fee to customers during the warranty

The code will clear itself. If you clear the codes yourself you might end up with monitors in not ready status. You don’t want that.

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