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2018 Toyota Prius Prime - 159 MPGe

just to let people know, I am getting 159 mpg on my 2018 prius prime. Still going up. I purchase gas on 9/2 and it is right by the full line.

That’s a great result. What is your cost for electricity? Have you ever calculated your cost per mile (using the vehicle’s electric consumption rating)?

You might also consider the cost differential between the car you bought and an equivalent gasoline only powered car.

You have to calculate KW price and gas price, all the charts I looked at electric seemed to be about 25% at least cheaper on average.

Early next week, I’m going to have to fill up my Mustang for third time this month…Just in case anyone was wondering.


I’m going to fill my truck up tonight for the 7th time this month, should take about 150 gallons


I will then share that last Saturday I had to fill my Pathfinder second time for a week… :slight_smile:

my 1994 Ford E150 has had the same gas in in since Nov 2011.

but then, it hasn’t run since then either…


As per my usual routine, I will fill my tank at Costco, on Friday.
After all, my gauge will likely be reading only 3/4 of a tank at that point, so I might as well fill it.

Yup good for you. I calculate gallons per hour though so as my cars are sitting in the garage most of the time I figure I’m using about .00023 gallons per hour. Now the kerosene heater in the garage gets much worse. But that’s ok, I like to be warm.

You are not getting 159 mpg. You cannot ascribe gasoline mileage to the miles you are running on electricity. For example, If you filled your car with gas. Then disabled the gas engine and drove 20 miles. You would have used 0 Gallons of gas Your gas mileage by your method would be infinite.


The mpge calculated by the car includes the electrical energy used, so it won’t be infinite.

I was mistaken, it was only 137 gallons, for 938 miles.

tesla uses battery. that is charged by the power plant. that uses coal. or natural gas. in MN anyway. solar? not so much. would a fleet of 100% elec cars require less smokestack emissions vs the gas powered motors that move them now? i dont live in that utopia, yet. does the battery plant produce more waste than the plant that built my gas car? i was at honda dealer and they had 2 nonplug in cars in space at front that were blocking the plug in station. thats funny. does honda have a plug in? i dont know

humans are not necessarily rational, are we not?