2018 Tesla Model S unintended acceleration

2018 Tesla Model S Unintended acceleration
On 12/03/20 at about 9:57 AM as I slowly turned left into a parking next to a white big truck then stopped and right before I could shift gear from D to R in order to back my car into my company EV charging parking lot, the car suddenly sped forward climbing over the curb, going thru the median separating the parking area from a driveway on the side of another company’s building then heading fast toward the building before I slammed on the brake in time to stop the car 15 ft away from the building. The entire incident happened with my foot off from the drive pedal. My driver side of the car scraped a tree on the median and got damage on the side + the side mirror.
I have been driving my car daily to work for the last 6 months and backing up my car into my company’s EV charging parking lot has been a daily routine with safety and caution. The unintended acceleration caught me off guard such that I could not even brake early enough to stop the car on the median! The Tesla was towed to a Tesla Service center in Fremont 2 hours later for evaluation and they reported the next day that there was no error by the car itself based on their analysis of the data log when the incident happened.
My car was towed to the Auto Body shop by my auto insurer.
Please tell me what I can do to get Tesla accountable for this life threatening defect? Tim N. , Saratoga, California

Hey Tim,

There have been a lot of similar reports involving Teslas.
Can you contact me privately?
Twitter works best for me, you can find me @btsparks
Facebook, or LinkedIn are also good.


Hire a lawyer and sue the company.

Make a complaint to NHSTA here… https://www.nhtsa.gov/

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The complaints are actually logged on safercar.gov. Click on the recall icon on the right, then search for your year and model car and click on it. Scroll down to Recalls and Safety Issues and click on report a safety problem. Fill out the form. It helps to have your VIN handy to type into the complaint.