2018 Subaru Forester - Smells

Good Morning, My name is Dan and I live in NYC. I recently purchased a Subaru Forester and since I took it home a terrible ,noxious scent has permeated the car. It has made my wife and I sick. I have gone back to the dealer for the past 2 months complaining. They are doing.I guess all that they can do. The scent is still quite noticeable and all my neighbors have confirmed same. Any thoughts?BTW This is not a new car “smell” It apperas to be some type of plastic,rubber,smellHELP Dan DeStefano

Likely out-gassing from the plastics and rubber from inside the car. Some cars are worse than others and some people are more sensitive than others. It will get better over time. Ventilating the car by leaving the windows open just a bit when parked will help. There really isn’t much you beyond good ventilation except sell the car. And all cars have this to some degree.

In addition to Mustangman comments, when parked leave the HVAC control on vent.



Leave the windows open a little bit when parked in NY City…Really !!!