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2018 Subaru Forester - Pin light

What purpose serves a tiny red pin light just to the left of the speedometer shaft. It goes on at 20mph, and off at 30mph. Dealer does not have a clue

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You have me stumped and I own a '16 Forester. I have reached out to Subaru and asked if they can tell us. I will answer back if they do. Great question.

Did you buy this new ? If not how long have you had it ?
Could this be some after market item ?

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Subaru has responded to my inquiry and asked if you can provide a picture. Perhaps of where the pin light is coming from (while parked).

It should be in your owner manual

My offhand guess would be an upshift indicator. Does your Forester have a manual transmission?

Thanks for trying. No one here seems to know anything. The question is
really just driven by curiosity…

Bought car new. Pin light just seems to have no purpose

Why don’t you post a picture as requested?

I will in a month when I return from Mexico