2010 Subaru Forester - Second steering job

I will shortly have to replace the rack and pinion in my Subaru 2010 Forester for the second time. The first one was replaced at about 45,000 miles. Now the car has 98,000. A rack and pinion should last about 100,000 miles. Why are mine failing so quickly?

Good question!

Given that you have provided no information on how you drive, what type roads you drive on, whether you tend to hit curbs or even what is wrong with the 2 racks you’ve had replaced, it is impossible even to guess as to the answer. We can’t help if you keep us in the dark.

I’ve never posted on a forum like this so I wasn’t sure how much information to provide initially. I was mainly wondering if this was a problem that has cropped up on other Foresters.

The first rack that I replaced was leaking but I’m not sure exactly where from. I had three separate garages look at it before I had it replaced. The replacement rack is now also apparently leaking but it’s a very small leak according to the reputable garage that has serviced my car for the past five years or so.

I drive about 10,000 miles a year. When I replaced the first rack, my driving was about 40% in city streets, 40% in suburban streets, and the rest on the highway. Now that I’m about to replace the second rack, my driving has been about 50% highway, and the rest split evenly between city and suburban driving.

My Forester has a 5 speed manual transmission which I really enjoy driving. I usually drive at about the speed limit or a little above. I don’t make jackrabbit starts nor do I brake hard or change lanes rapidly. I don’t think my friends would say I’m a wild driver.

I haven’t noticed any change in the steering nor any odd behaviors at high speeds. But I always back into a parking space and when I turn the wheel sharply to maneuver into position, it’s often the case that at the end of the turn it feels like the steering has gently hit a bump and it makes a small thud. Could this be the source of the problem or perhaps a symptom?


You haven’t described anything out of the ordinary except turning until you hit the steering stop (the bump you feel). The stop is there to prevent damage so it shouldn’t cause an issue. Key word, shouldn’t.

Leaking is a seal issue so I’d try and not go full lock. Hopefully, that helps.

Thank you.

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