2018 Nissan Rogue rear diff failure

Catastrophic rear dif failure.casting gone gears hanging down, dealerships won’t replace as they said my daughter hit something. No other damage at all to the underside 2018 Rouge. Please advise if this has happened to anyone, Nissan Canada a total waste of time.the dealership even worse Go Nissan North Edmonton.

Do you really think that anyone else has this problem and they will see your post ? I think that you are out of luck on this repair .


Yes your dealer will replace it, at your expense.


Get a letter from dealer detailing you hit something. Go to insurance and submit damage claim. You hit something. You have insurance.


Or maybe they don’t.

Dealer says it an accident issue. No warranty. There you go. They are professionals.
Have your insurance agent talk to dealer service manager.
Submit claim. Have insurance adjuster inspect it at shop on lift. They can talk to each other.

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After following the above advice, if your daughter has a high deductible on her insurance, check with an independent shop. They might be able to find a used or rebuilt rear end rather than new. Unlikely, but possibly less than the deductible.

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I only found 3 listed in the country on car-parts.com for that generation Rogue, no prices listed.

I’m trying to figure out what you could possibly hit, or back into, to bust the differential. Maybe a large, low rock or boulder?

There’s got to be more to this story.


Warranty is for the repair of factory defects in materials or workmanship. It is not for the repair of driver inflicted damage.
The bottom of the differential hangs down further than the rest of the chassis so that would explain lack of further damage.

Jumped a curb, ran over some road debris, or whatever so instead of getting upset with Nissan or the dealer you should be sitting the daughter down for a “What the hxxx did you hit” conversation.

Children often go into CYA mode when something goes wrong.


Thanks for the parenting advice, If I needed it I would have asked under the heading.If you sit in judgement then stay quite.I was the one that saw the cam video, saw the damage, I was asking if this has happened before. Nissan are a S&&t company to deal with here inCanada, and the subsidiary there of.before you reply, ask yourself.Is this advice or just a vent behind a screen with anonymity.

Differentials are pretty stout. The dealer’s explanation is more likely than a spontaneous grenading.

If the differential case got driven over a rock or something similar that robustly to cause all that damage, it would have made a very noticeable racket. A big bang or other noise in other words. I’m presuming OP that you didn’t hear anything like that. So is there anyone else that has driven this vehicle recently? If so, suggest to ask if they noticed anything. It’s possible this is the symptom of a manufacturing defect, but that explanation seems unlikely.

The problem is that you’re completely rejecting the possibility that your daughter hit something…it sounds like you weren’t present at the time. Differential casings don’t just fall off, at least not without the rest of the diff going with it - it just doesn’t happen. But rather than look at this rationally, you have pre-decided that it could be nothing other than a vehicle defect, and you’ve chosen to excoriate anyone who doesn’t share your view.

There’s nothing more that can be done for you here.



I guess that I may have been guilty of sitting in judgment, so I will stay quite quiet.

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The OP’s attitude just verifies to me that it’s a “NOT my daughter. No sirree. No way in hxxx would this be her fault in any way, shape, or form.” situation.

I’ve gone through a situation like this with 2 of my 3 kids. Denial or play ignorant when the evidence shows otherwise.
My daughter. “I swear (a dozen times) that I hit a deer”.
Since when do deer leave sharp creases and black paint smears…


Had neighbors kids, wild kids, sunk a transmission into the asphalt claiming to put it in reverse to avoid hitting a rabbit, yeah right!

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Keep in mind this car is predominantly FWD so the rear diff case is likely small, aluminum and weak. Ripe for damage.

But the daughter would know she hit something. The noise and the impact would be obvious.

Here it is:

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just a thought… is it possible that it had a hairline crack from new that was not leaking. then it finally opened up, the fluid leaked out and boom. thats my story and I am sticking to it. LOL