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2018 Nissan NX - Price

What’s the best price I should be able to get on a Nissan Kicks ( not on list) in metropolitan Washington
D.C. (Includes VA and MD)

This is where the internet is your friend. Go to the Nissan build your own vehicle web site. Choose the trim and options you want and then ask for a search of like vehicles and you will receive prices from near by dealers and go from there. And after you do purchase do not tell anyone what you paid because they will always say you paid to much.

As for someone here saying what the best price is that is impossible because of trim and option choices.

I tested the Kicks recently and was impressed with it. I had it back to back with the Nissan Leaf which is a better car in every measurable way. You may want to check out this price comparison I did of the two for our sister publication if an EV can work for your lifestyle.

It’s often difficult to get a discount on a brand new model like the Kicks. Good luck!

I’d see what’s listed on Autotrader, Truecar, and other new car pricing sites.

I’m pretty sure the Kicks has a better range than the Leaf :slight_smile:

I don’t know the best price you’ll be able to find, but if I had that problem I’d probably try the Consumer Reports pricing method. I’ve never used it before, but apparently you just input the new car’s configuration and they tell you what the dealership paid for it. Then you start negotiating from there. A small fee is involved for this service.