2018 Jeep Cherokee - Warranty question

Is the service shifter covered under warrenty.

What are you calling a service shifter ? Your owners manual will show your warranty coverage and a phone call to your local dealer will get you the exact answer to this question.


Possibly. The bumper-to-bumper part of the warranty is 36 mo./36k. If your Jeep is within that period pretty much everything should be covered.

Should be covered, there are a few different possible repairs the Dealer would have to do from simply replacing a fuse for the shifter,updating software, or replacing the shifter itself. Sounds like not all dealers consider the shifter to be covered under warranty so you may have to get Jeep involved.

Buy it new or used?
Since it’s a 2018 that means the in-service date could possibly be 2017 in which case the 3 years would have been up last year.

If it went into service in say for example May of 2018 then warranty would have been up a few months ago.

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I expect they’ll cover it w/no complaints. My Corolla came w/a bumper to bumper warranty. The only problem that developed during the warranty period was the passenger dome light bulb. It kept burning out. It would work for 3 months, then burn out again. After 4 or 5 replacements, over the course of a year or two, which the dealership never complained about, I gave up and bought a bulb at a part store and replaced it myself. That one lasted 15 years. The dealership must have gotten a batch of bad bulbs.

It could be easily out of the warranty period and we are only guessing at what they mean by service shifter .

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The warranty is 3 years and it all depends upon the in service date. Without knowing that we’re all wild guessing and that’s about the norm since most provide few details to begin with and generally do not come back to fill in the blanks.
The old saying that the devil is in the details always applies.