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2018 Hyundai Sonata light vibration

After shifting there is a slight viberation on steady light acceleration. I am 2nd owner. Veh has 23,000. Do not know if 1st owner had problem.

Warranty for second owner is 5 yrs./60k. It doesn’t matter whether the previous owner had the problem or not. Take it to a dealer and let their shop fix it.


I alway’s wonder why a car is back on a sale’s lot that soon and with low milage.

Some years ago we bought a 2 year old Pontiac with 30k. The car had been a lease. I don’t sweat it if a car is 2 years old, as the OP’s is.

When we turned in my wife’s Hyundai at the end of it’s 3 year lease it had 15,000 miles on it.